Energy Audit of Captive Power Plants


National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) is conducting energy audits of Captive Power Plants (CPPs) through independent energy audit consulting firms across Pakistan. NEECA has been assigned this task by the CCoE in its meeting held on 4th June 2020 and intimated to NEECA by the Petroleum Division, Ministry of Energy on 30th July 2020. The aim of these energy audits is to promote efficient use of fast declining indigenous natural gas resources and utilize the excess power in the national grid.

Audit Companies (RFP)


NEECA is actively engaged with the Petroleum Division, SNGPL and SSGC and has developed Strategic and Technical working groups to streamline all the strategic, legal and operational formalities required for smooth execution of energy audits.

NEECA has mapped out the geographical & technical profile of 1141 Captive Power Plants in the country and, out of the total, 781 CPPs are operating under the SSGC and 360 under SNGPL. In the next phase, NEECA will shortlist the independent energy audit consulting firms through an extensive RFP evaluation process and the energy audits will commence from end of August 2020.

The CPP Information Form, with all four (04) work sheets, should be duly filled by the concerned CPP adminsitration and submitted to
Last Date: September 1, 2020
1700 Hours
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q A requirement of the technical proposal is to share an audit schedule of each power plant. However, the total project time is to be decided later by the CSC. How can we make a time schedule when the entire project duration is unknown?
A Viewing the professional and technical capabilities of the Engineering consulting firms/companies, they can provide their own time schedule for all or selective CPPs. However, CSC is free to evaluate the technical and professional abilities of the companies  in accordance with its own rules.
Q The RFP states that NEECA will be selecting the consultants but the captive power plants will make the payment. How will NEECA guarantee the payment?
A As per Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) decision, the audited company/CPP will pay the charges for the said audit and necessary actions would be taken accordingly for the compliance of the CCoE decision.
Q It seems like the consultant is free to choose the power plants it wants to audit. The capacities of each power plant is not known, especially for power plants provided gas by SSGC, and a selection rationale is not given. What is the basis of selecting the power plants? Can the consultant choose only one or all the 600 + operating in Karachi, for example?
A Yes, the consultant is free to choose the power plant from the list provided in the RFP based on its professional and technical capabilities.
Q The RFP states that power plant data is to be made available to the consultants, e.g. startup and shut down data. Will NEECA ensure that data of this sorts is available with the units?
A The Technical Working Group comprised of the members from SNGPL,SSGC and NEECA may ensure that the respective CPP provide the required data.
Q From the language of the Clause 2 (a)(i)(II)  we understand that the Authority requires separate Technical and Financial Proposals for each captive power plant. So, if a bidder is bidding for 25 power plants then the outer envelope will contain 50 inner envelopes (25 envelopes of the technical proposal and 25 envelopes for financial proposal).
A The bidder should submit proposals in accordance with the PPRA rules.
Q It is written in the RFP that bidder has to confirm in its covering letter that “the services specified in the solicitation documents, including the TOR, will be completed within the time stipulated by NEECA in these documents” – in RFP and other documents with RFP, there is no timeline or completion time given by NEECA. Please note that without understanding completion time it is be very difficult for any bidder to provide a technically credible and financially competitive bid. Further, if there is no time given in the documents, how do bidders give confirmation in the covering letter. Please clarify.
A The total time period for all the Captive Power Plants Energy Audits is Tentatively 10 months.
Q From RFP we understand that payments will be made by respective power plants. Is there already a commercial understanding between NEECA and CPPs for the same that they have to accept and pay the price received by NEECA.
A As per Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) decision, the audited company/CPP will pay the charges for the said audit and necessary actions would be taken accordingly for the compliance of the CCoE decision.
Q Can Extension in the filing of RFP be given?
A The extension has already been given till 1st September, 2020 as per Corrigendum which is available at NEECA’s website.
Q What does relevant engineering category mean?
A The firms having either or all of the Project Profile Codes (1202, 1208, 1220) with either of Ownership Codes (021, 022, 023 and 024 would apply)
Q Please confirm that consultant will not be liable for any incompleteness in the audit arising out of CPP`s inability or unwillingness to allow certain tests and measurements. Please further confirm that consultant will not be responsible for any loss of production of the industrial unit that owns CPP owing to any measurements or tests required to be conducted by the consultant.
A The Engineering Consulting Firm/Company cannot be absorbed off its professional integrity, professional capability and ethics. However, the responsible liaison officer of the CPP is expected to accompany the engineering consulting firm officials during inspections.
Q Secondly, the following points of methodology criteria for selection need clarification. 
i Innovativeness and Proposed presentation  10% Marks
ii Work plan/schedule/organization of work. 5% Marks
A will we have to give presentation for this in person or just explanation of these points in writing in RFP.
  It is expected that you will consider all the points specified in the Evaluation Criteria and prove your worth/capabilities by supporting documents in RFP. In case of any confusion or further clarification, the respective firm may be required to give the presentation through virtual means.